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Madden 12 Roster Updates: Moran Norris Decreases On Bye Week, Carlos Rogers Goes Up

The Week 8 roster update for Madden NFL 12 is set to go live on Friday for Xbox 360 and PS3 users. Though the San Francisco 49ers are coming off a bye week, they still see two ratings changes and a couple depth chart moves in this week's roster and ratings update.

It's actually quite puzzling. Fullback Moran Norris is likely to lose his starting job to rookie Bruce Miller, but it's not necessarily due to poor play from Norris. Sure, he's often been criticized by fans and they're happy that Miller has took his place ... but the game is dropping Norris six overall points for losing his job while injured. Simply because they don't want two fullbacks with high ratings on the 49ers team on Madden.

Which is hilarious, because Bruce Miller is still ranked far too low - in the sixties. Make the jump for the full list of 49ers changes.


CB Carlos Rogers 84 to 85


FB Moran Norris 77 to 71


WR Braylon Edwards moved to WR #2 on depth chart
WR Ted Ginn Jr. moved to WR #3 on depth chart
FB Bruce Miller moved to FB #1 on depth chart
FB Moran Norris moved to FB #2 on depth chart

The changes make sense for the most part. Many would tell you that Rogers is still underrated, and I'd agree, given his season thus far. The depth chart changes make sense, though Edwards should probably be number one after this game against the Browns, providing he's able to play. We've already discussed the Norris decrease. For a full list of changes for all teams, head on over here.