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Week 8 NFL Picks: Looking For A Few Upsets

Two sets of predictions against the spread for Week 8 of the NFL season. Your best bet might be to bet the opposite. Check out SB Nation NFL for full week six coverage.

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We're back for another week of picks as the NFL fast approaches the halfway point of the 2011 season. James and I both find ourselves continue to teeter above .500 somewhat modestly. It has been a tough season thus far to call given how confusing some teams have been. The Tennessee Titans and Washington Redskins looked like strong winners early on, but they have both fallen back to worth. At this point, it's mostly just shooting from the hip and hoping for the best.

This week the 49ers return to action while the Oakland Raiders hit their bye week. Both teams have a chance to make up further ground with the help of poor performances in their respective divisions and conferences. The 49ers can continue to do a bit more, but the Raiders have some opportunities as well.

David - TENNESSEE TITANS (-10) over Indianapolis Colts: This was tempting, but I made a rule not to pick against the Colts on the road at this point. And after last week's 62-7 defeat, I can't change it.

James - TENNESSEE TITANS (-10) over Indianapolis Colts: They could go all the way! Without a win this season that is. The Colts are epic levels of bad. Peyton Manning really should be a shoe in for MVP this season without even playing. The difference between the team with and without him is astounding. Titans make this look easy at home.

David - New Orleans Saints (-13.5) over ST. LOUIS RAMS: No way I pick against the Saints after 62-7.

James - New Orleans Saints (-13.5) over ST. LOUIS RAMS: I have given the Rams a little too much credit this season, thinking they will be able to stay in games and keep scores close. No longer. I will take the Saints and two touchdowns easily on this one.

David - NEW YORK GIANTS (-10.5) over Miami Dolphins: Dolphins players are complaining about fans wanting to "Suck For Luck." I don't think the Dolphins are Sucking for Luck. I think they just suck.

James - NEW YORK GIANTS (-10.5) over Miami Dolphins: The Suck for Luck Campaign looks like it could come down to the Dolphins and the Colts. Both of these teams are so bad that they each have the possibility of losing every game this season. Giants will not have a problem covering the spread.

David - Minnesota Vikings (+3) over CAROLINA PANTHERS: Hopping on the Christian Ponder bandwagon waaaaaay too early.

James - CAROLINA PANTHERS (-3) over Minnesota Vikings: Turmoil surrounds the struggling Vikings. Meanwhile, with Cam Newton looking like he is the real deal, the Panthers are on their way back towards being a respectable team. They are not there yet, but they are headed in the right direction. Cam gets his third win this week.

David - BALTIMORE RAVENS (-14) over Arizona Cardinals: After last week's loss to the Jaguars I see no way the Ravens don't cover this one.

James - BALTIMORE RAVENS (-14) over Arizona Cardinals: The Ravens have had two shocking and embarrassing losses this season. In week two they were dominated by the Titans. After that game, they came back and blew out the Rams. Look for the Ravens to use another NFC West team to get back on track after the loss to the Jaguars.

David - HOUSTON TEXANS (-10.5) over Jacksonville Jaguars: Even if Houston does not get Andre Johnson back in the fold, they don't let Jacksonville snag another big upset.

James - HOUSTON TEXANS (-10.5) over Jacksonville Jaguars: The Texans' offense was outstanding last weekend while the Jags ground out a win over the Ravens. As impressive as the Jag's win was, the Texans look like something has clicked. They win this one at home easily.

David - BUFFALO BILLS (-5.5) over Washington Redskins: Washington was tempting until I realized they are coming back to earth and are in fact quarterbacked by John Beck.

James - BUFFALO BILLS (-5.5) over Washington Redskins: The Bills will bounce back from a tough loss to a good Giants team this week. The Redskins are starting to implode, as most thought they would, and I do not expect them to be able to hang with the Bills this week.

David - DENVER BRONCOS (+2.5) over Detroit Lions: You can't fight the Tebow.

James - Detroit Lions (-2.5) over DENVER BRONCOS: Tim Tebow!!! Is not that good. In fact, he looked absolutely terrible for 99% of the game against the Dolphins and above average for the final 1%. I think the Tebow win streak comes to an end this week with the Lions coming to town. With a line of -2.5, I'd take the Lions all day long.

David - PITTSBURGH STEELERS (+2.5) over New England Patriots: This is a tight one, but with Pittsburgh at home at the Ketchup Bottle, I think they have just enough to sneak out a slim win. So, not only cover but take the moneyline. 

James - PITTSBURGH STEELERS (+2.5) over New England Patriots: The Steelers are back playing strong football and Warren Sapp is surprisingly quiet about his trash talk of the Steelers. At home, I'll give it to them.

David - SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (-9) over Cleveland Browns: Can't pick against the 49ers, and it's all the easier when at home against an up and down Browns squad.

James - SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (-9) over Cleveland Browns: Jim Harbaugh is a football god. End.

David - SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (+2.5) over Cincinnati Bengals: The Seahawks are inconsistent, but coming off their loss at Cleveland, I think they bounce back in the win column this week.

James - SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (+2.5) over Cincinnati Bengals: Taking a flyer on this one. The Bengals are still not a consistently good team yet, and the Seahawks have surprised teams at times this season. Playing in Seattle, one of the tougher places to play in the NFL. Good thing this isn't for real money.

David - PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (-3.5) over Dallas Cowboys: I think the Eagles are back in the swing of things. They only have two victories, but I just see the turnaround finally happening. If this was in Dallas I might think twice, but something is just telling me.

James - Dallas Cowboys (+3.5) over PHILADELPHIA EAGLES: Philly is giving up on average, 123.8 yards per game on the ground. Rookie running back DeMarco Murray put up an astounding 253 yards on the ground last weekend. I don't think he goes off in the same way this week, but I do think the Eagles will continue to bury themselves this season.

David - KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (+3.5) over San Diego Chargers: I'm not prepared to bet against the streaking Kansas City Chiefs. They are in the zone right now.

James - KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (+3.5) over San Diego Chargers: As a Raiders fan, it is so hard to make this pick. Part of me wants to pick out of spite. Part of me wants to pick out of what will help the Raiders playoff chances and part of me just doesn't know how to pick this game. The Chiefs are slowly progressing and looking better while the Chargers are not looking good right now despite their record. In the end, I went with what would make the Raiders look better after their humiliating loss at home last weekend.

Last Week: 6-7-0
Season: 52-45-3

Last Week: 8-5-0
Season: 47-35-3