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Contract Status of All San Francisco 49ers Players

Carlos Rogers is already trying to stick around the Bay Area for a while longer, but just where do the rest of the San Francisco 49ers’ players stand when it comes to their contract status?

Well, thanks to CSN Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco, here is a list of all 58 players on the 49ers roster and where their contract currently stands. Practice squad players are not included in this list as they are essentially free agent who can come and go at any time during the season or offseason.

Listed below are some of the key players coming up for contract in each season. You can view the whole list over at CSN Bay Area. One good sign is that three fan favorites are signed for the longest amount of time: Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis, and Joe Staley. The 49ers front office has done a solid job extending key players. Now that the team is starting to play well and the players are enjoying the Jim Harbaugh experience, it could be easier to get some of these extensions done. Aside from winning, players want to be in a strong environment. The 49ers seem to be providing that in spades.

Signed through 2011

LB Ahmad Brooks
WR Braylon Edwards
WR Ted Ginn
S Dashon Goldson
WR Joshua Morgan, injured reserve
CB Carlos Rogers
QB Alex Smith

Signed through 2012

P Andy Lee
TE Delanie Walker

Signed through 2013

K David Akers
DE Justin Smith

Signed through 2014

RB Frank Gore
WR Michael Crabtree
OT Anthony Davis
G Mike Iupati
LS Brian Jennings
OLB Aldon Smith

Signed through 2015

TE Vernon Davis

Signed through 2016

LB Patrick Willis