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San Francisco 49ers And Jim Harbaugh Need To Keep Climbing (AUDIO)

The San Francisco 49ers are in great position standing at 5-1 off the bye week. But Jim Harbaugh knows that his team still has a lot of improving to do. He talked about that issue in his latest press conference with the media. You can listen to the audio by clicking here.

The team’s done very well so far, is there a danger in feeling too good and too comfortable having the game ahead?

"We’re definitely worried about it. Dangers lurk, no question about it. The thing we’re just stressing is to keep climbing, we don’t want to hang on like a mountain climber, like a rock climber. It takes more energy to hang out than it does to climb, so we’ll just keep climbing. That seems like the obvious thing to do. And have more questions than we have answers. I think that’s how you improve and how you get better. We’re not changing, we’re striving to improve. Haven’t got off of that course and left that track or that way of thinking from the beginning."

The 49ers have seen promising seasons fall apart before, all the time in the past decade. And while none of their games look epically difficult until their Thanksgiving date with the Ravens, they still need more consistency from Alex Smith and need to show they can win games early rather than late. The defense and special teams have been rock solid, but the offense continues to prove its inconsistency.

San Francisco is in great shape to get to the playoffs, but the playoffs aren't the only goal. The 49ers want to do things when they get there, and Harbaugh knows he has to keep them improving as a group if he wants that to happen.

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