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49ers' Ricky Jean Francois Thinks Andrew Luck Would Suffer In SEC

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49ers defensive tackle Ricky Jean Francois had some pointed comments about Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck in light of all the praise showered upon him. According to RJF, Luck would see his draft stock fall if he played in the SEC instead of the Pac-12. He indicated that while Luck is a good quarterback, he would have some problems with SEC defenses.


The SEC is generally considered the best conference in college football, and having six teams in the BCS Top 25 helps that cause. The top two teams in the rankings, LSU and Alabama, square off in two weeks in the biggest showdown of the season. One of the two will be heavily favored to earn a spot in the national championship game, and depending on the size of the deficit in two weeks, both teams could meet again in the national title game.


However, Stanford is hanging around at No. 6 in the rankings, and with a few key losses in the rankings, the Cardinal could end up in the national title game with a shot at either LSU or Alabama. That might put Ricky Jean's theory to the test.