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NFL Power Rankings, Week 8: CBS Sports Bumps 49ers Up Two Spots

CBS Sports posted their week eight NFL power rankings and the 49ers continue to enter rarified air, even coming off a bye week. CBS had ranked the Ravens third and the Chargers fourth heading into week seven. When they both lost, the 49ers climbed from No. 5 to No. 3. The biggest playing climber was the New Orleans Saints who moved up four spots on the heels of their demolition of the Indianapolis Colts.

The Oakland Raiders saw their rankings drop from No. 9 to No. 15 as they head into their bye week. The Raiders will use the time to better develop their offense around Carson Palmer. There were some reports that Raiders wide receivers would be sticking around town through the bye week to work with Palmer. The more chemistry they can develop, the better.

As we move ahead to week eight, the biggest matchup on the schedule would be the 5-1 New England Patriots traveling to face the 5-2 Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers got off to a rocky start but have bounced back in a big way. With the 49ers hosting the Cleveland Browns this week, the 49ers very well could end up ranked No. 2 in CBS Sports' rankings next week. Pittsburgh could also leap frog them with a win over New England, but we'll see how they perform against the Patriots.

Here are the top 15 teams according to CBS Sports:

1. Green Bay Packers
2. New England Patriots
3. San Francisco 49ers
4. Pittsburgh Steelers
5. New York Giants
6. Baltimore Ravens
7. Buffalo Bills
8. New Orleans Saints
9. Detroit Lions
10. San Diego Chargers
11. Houston Texans
12. Atlanta Falcons
13. Cincinnati Bengals
14. Dallas Cowboys
15. Oakland Raiders