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49ers Vs. Browns Injury Update: Braylon Edwards Set To Return?

The San Francisco 49ers return to action against the Cleveland Browns, and could welcome the return of wide receiver Braylon Edwards to the lineup.

The San Francisco 49ers gear up for the second half of  their season coming out of the bye week, and they're looking to impress. They start with what should be one of their easier tests against the Cleveland Browns.

Jim Harbaugh had his media conference call earlier today, and he had this to say about one of his key players, wide receiver Braylon Edwards. Grant Cohn of the Press Democrat transcribed these quotes.

Q: Did you get a chance to see Braylon Edwards running last week and how does he look now?

HARBAUGH: Good. I got a chance to watch him workout last week, and anticipate seeing him out there tomorrow in practice. Hoping for good things

The return of Edwards to the lineup could really help that 49ers offense run  on all cylinders, which is a scary prospect for the rest of the NFC to consider based on how well San Francisco has been playing lately. The Niners would love to give Alex Smith more vertical passing threats in order to open up the running game for Frank Gore even more. The permutations would open up for Harbaugh and the Niners to exploit and attack weaknesses in opposing defenses, which could be all he needs to keep the winning streak going later into the fall.

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