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Rams Lose 34-7 To Cowboys, 49ers Further Lead In NFC West During Bye Week

Sitting back, maxing, relaxing all cool (and possibly even shooting b-ball outside the school), the San Francisco 49ers are enjoying their bye week. In the morning games, the Seattle Seahawks looks absolutely abysmal against the slightly-less abysmal Cleveland Browns, and then the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers wrapped up hostilities (if you can call them that), with a 32-20 Steelers win.

To put the cherry on top, as though it was needed with their winless record going into the game, the St. Louis Rams dropped a beatdown to the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo had a modest 166 yards passing with two touchdowns, but it was the St. Louis run defense that gave up all the yardage: giving DeMarco Murray 253 yards rushing on 25 carries with a touchdown of his own. A.J. Feeley, starting in place of the injured Sam Bradford, wasn't actually terrible, but he didn't have a touchdown to counter his one interception and threw for just 196 yards.

New trade acquisition Brandon Lloyd had 74 yards receiving and no touchdowns, so it's good that he looked fine out there. Hilariously enough, he was taunting and getting in everybody's face when he got a big catch down 34-7. Yeah. Good one there, Lloyd. Steven Jackson had 70 yards but the Rams just couldn't get anything done. The fumbles didn't help, either.

The Rams remain winless, sitting at 0-6 on the season and getting further and further away from the 49ers, who sit at 5-1 atop the NFC West. The Rams host the New Orleans Saints next week.