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Seahawks Lose 6-3 In Awful, Awful Game Against Browns, 49ers Watching Gleefully

The morning games are wrapping up and, right about now, the San Francisco 49ers are sitting back and enjoying themselves in a variety of ways. Sitting atop the NFC West at 5-1, they'll definitely be interested in how the rest of the division is doing, with all three teams having already had their bye weeks and in action today. They've got some good news right now coming out of Cleveland: the 2-3 Seattle Seahawks (second place in the NFC West) have fallen to 2-4 with a loss to the Browns.

First off, as a fan of football, let me humbly apologize to everybody who watched the game. With a final score of 6-3 with no touchdowns on either side, it was a sorry affair. The Seahawks didn't look good on any fronts, giving up 95 rushing yards to backup running back Montario Hardesty and getting just 39 yards out of their own backup, Leon Washington. The play-calling was awful, but it's not as though quarterback Charlie Whitehurst was going to make things happen with his arm, as it happens.

Whitehurst was starting in place of the injured Tarvaris Jackson, and threw for just 97 yards and was 12-for-30 with no touchdowns and a pick. Many fans were clamoring for him to get the start even if Jackson ws healthy coming into Sunday, but it's probably safe to say he's not the quarterback of the future there in Seattle. They did pick off Colt McCoy once, but didn't do anything with it.

The afternoon will see the Cardinals take on the Steelers and the Rams face the Cowboys.