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49ers vs. Eagles: David Akers Struggles In Philadelphia, Goes 1-for-3 On Field Goals

There was definitely a story line for David Akers, heading into the 49ers' week four matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles. He spent twelve years in Philly and was replaced by a rookie in the offseason after missing two field goals in a first-round playoff loss. Akers had missed the field goals just days after learning of his daughter's ovarian cancer, so it makes sense that his head wasn't in the right place - but that didn't stop Andy Reid, the team and the fans from criticizing him immensely following the loss.

Coming into this return to Philadelphia, Akers said there was no ill will and that it just felt like any other game. Now, we're not going to say that he's lying or anything like that - only he knows what was going on in his head - but Akers had a pretty rough day kicking the football.

Akers was one-for-three, one of them was blocked and one of them was just a bad miss. The miss sailed wide and was doomed from the start, the block was probably a product of missed assignments from Chilo Rachal and Mike Iupati, but Akers did kick it really low. If it was a more "textbook" kick it would have been higher from the start and it would have been out of the reach of King Dunlap.

To his credit, the missed field goal probably should have came back, but the referees missed an obvious leverage call.

Hitting just a third of his field goals in uncharacteristic for Akers, and the 49ers should just hope that it was the Philadelphia atmosphere and bad memories that affected him on Sunday; not some regression of talent. Still, had to feel good leaving there and seeing all those angry Philly fans (which is normal, but postgame is also mixed with sadness).