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49ers Offense Stagnant, Eagles Open 20-3 Lead at Halftime

It's been another ugly day so far for the San Francisco 49ers offense, thought the same can not be said for the Philadelphia Eagles. Led by a somewhat banged up Michael Vick, the Eagles made 5 red zone trips in the first half of the game extending their lead to 20-3 at halftime at Lincoln Financial Field. 

Alex Smith couldn't get much going at all, except for a two-minute drill fumble towards the end of the second quarter that led to another Philly TD pass to Lesean McCoy. He finished the half 8/16 for 90 yards. Frank Gore had an excellent 40 yard run in the first quarter but has been quiet ever since, carrying the ball 6 times for 59 yards as well as two receptions for 12 yards so far. Vernon Davis has one catch for 26 yards, Michael Crabtree has two for 25. 

The Niners defense has kept the game much closer than it should be, forcing a goal line turnover as well as a Carlos Rogers interception on two promising Eagles drives. Nevertheless, Michael Vick already has two touchdown passes, is 16/25 with 214 yards passing, as well as 62 rushing yards in the first half alone. DeSean Jackson has 74 receiving yards already on only two catches. 

The rain is starting to fall a bit heavier in the City of Brotherly Love, which may be a factor in the upcoming second half. The 49ers are going to have to figure something out and in a hurry or this is going to a be a good old fashioned blowout at the hands of Vick and the Eagles.