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Belichick Comments on Jim Harbaugh, Jim Schwartz

Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz had the postgame handshake heard around the world. And when asked on what he thought of the situation, Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who is usually a man of few words, provided his own insight into how everyone, particularly the media, has handled the situation.

"Of course now it's so heavily scrutinized by the media that it is an event bigger than the game itself which is so absurd. Like a lot of things it takes any personalization out of the game and makes it a public topic for discussion. I think it's ridiculous that the media focuses on it the way it does. I'd like to think the reason the people are there is to see the game and see the competition, but we seem to want to talk about anything but the game."

- Bill Belichick on WEEI in Boston with the Big Show

Belichick also mentioned how it has caused that postgame moment to lose its original meaning, that coaches now will hold back what they might truly want to say due to the scrutiny their words may receive. For a media conscious coach like Belichick, that's an understandable sentiment. Only time will tell if this incident - which led to no formal punishment for the two coaches involved - does anything to change how coaches and the media approach the traditional postgame handshake.