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NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: CBS Sports, SB Nation Rank 49ers No. 5

CBS Sports NFL power rankings and SB Nation NFL power rankings were both released this morning and they both have the 49ers ranked number five. Both have come around to the idea that the 49ers are indeed a legit NFL contender in 2011 following their big road win against the Detroit Lions. The road win improved them to 3-0 on the road and 5-1 overall.

CBS Sports had an interesting comment in discussing the 49ers: "Is it time to think of them as a serious Super contender? They play in a soft division and they're good, which could mean a first-round bye." The 49ers are moving up the food chain in the NFC, but at the end of the day the road to the Super Bowl goes through the Green Bay Packers. On any given Sunday any team beat another team, but the Packers are playing incredibly solid football.

On the other side of the Bay, the Raiders have continued their resurgence with a win over the Cleveland Browns that improved them to 4-2. CBS Sports ranked the Raiders No. 8 and SB Nation ranked the Raiders No. 12. The CBS ranking actually reflects the recent Carson Palmer trade, while SB Nation's was written just before the deal went down. That trade is an interesting one. If Palmer has a resurgence it looks great for the Raiders. If he struggles, it is abysmal for them. Personally, I'm rooting for success. It is high time we had a 49ers-Raiders Super Bowl.

Here are the top teams according to CBS Sports and SB Nation:

CBS Sports
1. Green Bay Packers
2. New England Patriots
3. Baltimore Ravens
4. San Diego Chargers
5. San Francisco 49ers
6. Detroit Lions
7. Pittsburgh Steelers
8. New York Giants
9. Oakland Raiders
10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

SB Nation
1. Green Bay Packers
2. Baltimore Ravens
3. New England Patriots
4. San Diego Chargers
5. San Francisco 49ers
6. Detroit Lions
7. New Orleans Saints
8. Pittsburgh Steelers
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
10. Buffalo Bills
11. New York Giants
12. Oakland Raiders