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VIDEO: Jim Schwartz Taunted Jim Harbaugh Before Postgame Incident

Apparently, there might be an actual reason as to why San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh went a little bit harder on the postgame handshake with Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz.

Remember that silly challenge that Harbaugh made after a Lions score? You know, the one that he couldn't actually challenge because all replays go automatically upstairs, and are reviewed by the booth, and ended up costing the 49ers 15 yards on the kickoff?

Yeah, Schwartz had some words for Harbaugh. Bay Area Sports Guy found them, and you can watch the video after the jump to see what they were (go here to go directly to the verbal cues made by Schwartz).

(via BASportsGuy)

This one is pretty clearly made out on the instant replay. "Learn the rules, Harbaugh!" seems pretty clear. Doesn't get any more taunting than that, does it?

Well, Harbaugh might have lost that battle, but he won the war, and proved his manliness in many, many ways that made Schwartz feel very, very upset. Nothing will come out of it, except much extended chatter and hopes of a rematch in January.

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