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Jim Harbaugh Not Apologizing To Jim Schwartz, But Wants To Improve Postgame Handshake

Jim Harbaugh gave his usual Monday press conference to the media, and it didn't take too long for his altercation with Jim Schwartz to take center-stage. Say at question one.

David Fucillo was tweeting about the conference from his Niners Nation account, and here are some of the important updates.

  • On the postgame antics: Harbaugh takes full responsibility for detracting from the game and the performance of both teams.
  • On toning it down: Harbaugh wants to get better at everything and will always improve, and plans on getting better at the post-game handshake.
  • On further discipline: Harbaugh gave his side of the story to Ray Anderson.
  • On whether he thinks Schwartz did anything wrong: Harbaugh isn't here to throw salvos.
  • On Jim Schwartz: The two spoke in the tunnel after the game, and plan to speak privately later.
  • On untucking his shirt after the victory: Harbaugh does it after every win to represent the end of a hard day's work.
  • On apologies in general: Harbaugh treats them like excuses.
  • On how coaches perceive him: Harbaugh just cares what they think of his team.

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