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Jim Harbaugh vs. Jim Schwartz Video: 49ers Head Coach Blames His Firm Handshake

Head coach Jim Harbaugh of the San Francisco 49ers had some interesting thoughts on why he felt Jim Schwartz of the Detroit Lions was so perturbed after their postgame interaction. He elucidated on it in his postgame press conference with the media.

If you watch the video again, it looks as if Harbaugh really ticked Schwartz off after the pat on the back rather than the handshake. It appeared also to be very strong, and Schwartz probably interpreted it as a shove. That's why he ended up chasing down the 49ers head coach, and that's why we're all talking about it now.

Also, Coach Schwartz, I think Coach Harbaugh just called you a wuss who can't handle his handshake. Are you going to take that? You should really confront the 49ers head coach about that. Again.

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