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VIDEO: Jim Harbaugh And Jim Schwartz Skirmish After 49ers Beat Lions

Jim Harbaugh is a real good football coach. He gets his team to play super hard for him and execute well in the trenches, despite not having the greatest talent at certain critical positions. And he's showing it on the football field. His San Francisco 49ers are now standing atop the NFC West and could be in second place in the NFC after defeating the Detroit Lions in the final minutes.

And he also has a knack for getting under the skin of his opponents, particularly opposing head coaches. Jim Schwartz is the latest such example. Check out the video after the jump.

Jim Schwartz (Lions) vs Jim Harbaugh (49ers) Skirmish (via drakeviagra)

Harbaugh went a little overboard in his celebration, and Schwartz took umbrage. A near brawl nearly broke out in the end zone. Safe to say we're going to be hearing a lot about this in the upcoming weeks.

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