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49ers vs. Lions: Ndamukong Suh Thinks Detroit Defense Can Control 49ers Run Game

The 4-1 San Francisco 49ers will travel to the 5-0 Detroit Lions this weekend in one of the weekend's most anticipated games. The 49ers will look to run behind the strength of running back Frank Gore in order to set up scoring opportunities away from home, a strategy that has served the 49ers well so far this season. Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh hopes to take that away from San Francisco and thinks that Detroit's defense will be able to hold down the 49ers run game, according to Mike Sando.

Here are Suh's specific words with regards to the 49ers offense: "They don't take very many risks and that's something that I think is good for us when we shut down what they want to do, which is their run game, and force them into long-yardage situations."

Shutting down the 49ers rushing attack- or containing it, in Suh's case- is a good game plan against the 49ers. Whether Detroit will be able to do that or not, though, is another story.

The Lions are giving up 114.8 rushing yards per game, placing them 18th in the NFL against the run. The 49ers, meanwhile, have averaged an impressive 6.25 yards per carry in their last two games against the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

San Francisco is running the ball extremely well and the Lions will try to take that away come Sunday. Whether Gore and the 49ers can keep the chains moving will go a long way in determining the winner of Sunday's contest.