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How Does An NFL Team Travel For Road Games? The 49ers Give Fans A Look

Have you ever wondered how an NFL team prepares and travels for a road game? While you certainly know the team isn't packing it in inside a Southwest Airlines flight, there is a lot of planning and work to be done to ensure everything (and everyone) is accounted for.

The San Francisco 49ers have a huge game this weekend against the Detroit Lions. With a perfect record of 2-0 away from home, the 'niners will need to be firing on all cylinders if they hope to come away with the victory.

Leading up to Sunday, the team appears to be calm and relaxed as they prepare for Detroit. CSN recently caught a glimpse of how the team prepares to fly halfway across the country. We have the video...

The 49ers and Lions will kickoff at 1:05 EDT on Sunday. That's 10:05 in the Bay Area. Don't forget your coffee and to set the alarm clock.