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Brandon Lloyd On Trading Block, Aren't You Excited, 49ers Fans?

Hey, 49ers fans, I have the solution to your Josh Morgan woes: the Denver Broncos have put wide receiver Brandon Lloyd on the trade block. I know, it's like the perfect solution, right? You guys just can't wait to pony up at least a first-round pick for the guy and have him back in the red and gold, yeah? OK, I'm pretty sure that you're not excited about the idea, either. Really, Llord probably wants nothing to do with the 49ers, he's been outspoken before about his feelings for the team after they got rid of him. He's more than a little upset. His tears, in fact, bring me great joy.


But it wouldn't be a smart move to bring him back, anyway. Outside of the potential locker room disaster, Lloyd just doesn't fit right now. No, that doesn't mean he doesn't fit the scheme, it means that the 49ers don't have resources to spend on a wide receiver with the current state of their receiving corps. Michael Crabtree is looking better each week, and Braylon Edwards is steady when he's healthy. Of course, Joshua Morgan is hurt, but bringing in Lloyd to replace a second or third receiver is not smart. His presence on the field, quite simply, wouldn't change much. The price doesn't line up right now.