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49ers vs. Lions Odds: Bet At Your Own Risk

I’d hate to have to be the guy that makes the lines for the San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions game this week, because it’s a tough one to figure out. Both teams are coming into the game with a lot of confidence while Detroit has the home field advantage, but the Niners have already had solid road wins this season and just exploded for 48 points. So, who you got?

Over at the opening line had Detroit as a six point favorite, but most sites have dropped it to about 4 or 4.5 as of now. The over/under is around 46 for most of the sites as well, which makes me think the bookies are foreseeing a very tight matchup. For me this game is too close for comfort when it comes to putting my money on the line, but if I was going to make a pick I’d probably play the over/under.

Can Alex Smith and Matt Stafford keep up their terrific play? Who’s defense will reign supreme? Can San Francisco keep their road winning streak alive? Just how loud are those Detroit fans? These are questions that swirl in my head, convoluting the part of my brain that handles my gambling, and says keep the money in my pocket.