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Steve Young Compares Alex Smith To 'An Abused Child'

Sounds weird. Sounds strange. But that's exactly what former 49ers great quarterback Steve Young said about current 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.

Yeah, I can't believe that Young was thinking too much when he said this. Which is surprising, because Young usually puts a lot of thought into his comments. But these are Young's words from yesterday's appearance on NFL Live.

Steve Young on Alex Smith finally in a QB friendly system: "He is like an abused child. He needed someone to come and give him a hug."
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"He was like an abused child who needed a hug. Harbaugh gave him one." ~ Steve Young describing Alex Smith on ESPN
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First of all, I'm sure Young never meant any harm with his comments. But it's doubly bad because Smith does a lot of fundraising for organizations that help out foster kids. So it's unfortunate that Young had to make a statement like that. I hope he can clear things up as soon as possible, and we can all move on to talking about what we all want to talk about, which is the resurgence of the 49ers.

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