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VIDEO: Steve Young 50th Birthday Flash Mob, Director's Cut

The full Steve Young flash mob video has now surfaced online. Ernie Pomin showed us a tease of the video that TMZ found a week or so ago. Now you can watch the whole event unfold from all angles after the jump!

(via flashmobamerica)

Steve looked genuinely surprised at the entire event. His reaction was genuine. In terms of athletes I've seen in the fifteen or so years I've watched football, I don't think I've ever watched a more down-to-earth soul than Young on and off the football field.

Also, I think many of us would be lucky to have a wife as cool as Barb Young. To get a bunch of Stanford students and other people around Palo Alto to come around and pull off a flash mob like this one is impressive. She was able to get down with it

Finally, Earth, Wind and Fire transcends all boundaries.

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