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Joshua Morgan To Return To 49ers? Jim Harbaugh Thinks So.

It's unfortunate that the season of Josh Morgan had to end on a meaningless play for the San Francisco 49ers in a blowout victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Morgan was placed on IR today, potentially ending his tenure with the only NFL team he's ever known.

On the bright side though, it doesn't mean that his career with the team is done yet! Morgan's contract runs out at the end of this season, but head coach Jim Harbaugh has made it clear that Morgan is a big priority to be re-signed this offseason. Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

"Yes, we’ve told him that and we’ll make that a priority," Harbaugh said of re-signing Morgan.

Morgan underwent surgery Monday after breaking a bone in his lower right leg in last week’s win against Tampa Bay. Screws were inserted during surgery, but Harbaugh said Morgan did not suffer ligament damage and his injury is not career-threatening.

"He’ll be back," Harbaugh said, "we have no doubts of that."

Morgan has always been a reliable pass-catching option behind the flashier Michael Crabtree and always productive Vernon Davis. With Braylon Edwards only around for one year and Ted Ginn, Jr. and Kyle Williams still developing, it makes total season for the Niners to concentrate all their resources to bring Morgan back and keep the offense flowing on its upward trend.

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