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49ers Sign Brett Swain To Fill In For Injured Joshua Morgan

The San Francicso 49ers have found their man to help alleviate the loss of Joshua Morgan. After going through retreads like Chris Chambers and washups like T.J. Houshmandzadeh (not to mention totally wild possibilities like Terrell Owens or Randy Moss) the Niners settled on a totally nondescript figure that'll probably be more effective than any of the people mentioned above.

Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Niners have signed Brett Swain to a one-year contract, and he is a potential immediate contributor at the very least on special teams. Swain spent much of last season on the Green Bay Packers in special teams, and he could come in and provide additional blocking and coverage possibilities for the 49ers. This will additionally allow Ted Ginn Jr. and Kyle Williams to move up the depth chart and become significant contributors. San Francisco will have to clear space, most likely by waiving Colin Jones (another possibility is to put Morgan on IR, but it's not clear that his season is over yet).

Is this going to make the loss of Morgan any easier? No, but San Francisco does still have a diverse first-unit lineup in Michael Crabtree, Braylon Edwards and Vernon Davis that will make life difficult for opposing defense when Alex Smith is on target.

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