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49ers Tryouts: Chris Chambers Being Worked Out To Replace Joshua Morgan

The San Francisco 49ers are trying their best to fill in for wide receiver Joshua Morgan while he recovers from injury, although the candidates they've looked at up to this point have not been of an impressive variety. T.J. Houshmandzadeh is a name more likely to draw chortles than nods of assent. Now the 49ers have gone even further into the wayback machine and pulled out Chris Chambers.

Fantasy football players are probably familiar with the odyssey of Chris Chambers. He's that guy you'd always pick two rounds too high, only to see him get injured at some point and make you wisely question why you ever decided to do fantasy in the first place. Chambers will probably end up doing the same thing to Niners fans here, considering he's 33 years old and has only caught 67 passes the past three seasons. But hey, considering Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, and Braylon Edwards will be the focus points of the passing game, all he might need to do is replicate those numbers to be considered a success as a 49er.

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