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Arizona Selected To Host Super Bowl 49: Reason 5,430,203 49ers Need A New Stadium

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced Tuesday afternoon that Arizona will host Super Bowl XLIX at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. This 49th Super Bowl would have made for a fantastic 49ers-hosted Super Bowl, but unfortunately the 49ers have not been able to get their stadium plans completely figured out. The team has a deal with Santa Clara and has begun working to sell naming rights and luxury suits, but shovels have not yet hit the ground.


Once shovels do hit the ground, the stadium will likely get in the running for a Super Bowl bid shortly thereafter. Unfortunately it likely will not be Super Bowl L (50) as the NFL is reportedly hoping to have Los Angeles host that one in the eventual new stadium. That is another stadium project still waiting to get shovels in the ground. My guess is if the 49ers get a stadium deal done, they would be in line to host Super Bowl LI or LII. Fingers crossed!