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Should 49ers Reach Out To Terrell Owens Or Randy Moss To Replace Josh Morgan?

The San Francisco 49ers are going to have to adjust to life without Josh Morgan; the broken bone will ultimately need time to heal, and he'll have to sit on the bench. Jim Harbaugh has said that he'll try and look at to replace Morgan with a free agent  wide receiver until he heals fully. 

While San Francisco has some quiet options that wouldn't make any noise on the free agent wire, there are two high-profile names out there for San Francisco to consider though. Yep, those two. Terrell Owens. Randy Moss. The terror and the horror.

Could Harbaugh make Owens or Moss work?  They've brought in Braylon Edwards, who was considered a bit difficult to deal with in other places, but he's behaved himself in the Bay Area. Owens and Moss are on another level though, with histories of cancerous relationships whereever they've landed. Owens of course burned the Bay Bridge on his way out of San Francisco over seven years back.

More importantly, would the Niners want him?  Owens's best days are behind him, and Moss is likely near the end of his career too. Still, as a reliable third pass-catching option behind Michael Crabtree and Edwards, it's hard to think Moss or Owens couldn't bring something to the table. It's likelier San Francisco goes low profile, but we'll have to wait and see.

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