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Bay Area Tweet of the Day: Anthony Dixon Getting HAM On

Like I said before, the Bay Area Tweet of the Day will be dominated by 49ers running back Anthony Dixon. After a year of doing this, I guarantee he'll have double whatever the next guy in line has. That's really not a choice that I am making, either ... it's just how it is. Dixon is rather colorful and animated on Twitter, and it's one of my greatest joys to point it out, especially when he misuses hash tags. You'll see me on Twitter often proclaiming "TEAM LET'S DO IT LEG GO", but he hasn't done it very much recently.

I think that every time he gives us one of those, I'll be there to do a post on it. I'm that fond of the phrase, whatever it happens to mean. Sometimes I like to think there's a team of translators always working on Dixon's tweets, trying to figure out what exactly he's trying to say. I've discerned that he's really excited about something - college football, as it happens. I actually know exactly what it is he's saying. Just can't help myself.

#HailState#Let's Do it Leg Go #Go HAM On Em #Battle of the Dawgs
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