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Earthquake Strikes Bay Area During Jim Harbaugh Press Conference; Coincidence, Football Gods?

As Jim Harbaugh began to introduce himself as the new San Francisco 49ers head coach, a magnitude 4.1 earthquake hit the Bay Area. Although the tremors were felt through the Bay Area, clearly no one in the Palace Hotel where Harbaugh was being questioned by press reporters felt it. The camera did shake a little bit, but there was no inclination that Harbaugh noticed it at all, answering the question in stride.


The real question is what does this totally coincidental event portend for the Niners? Is Bill Walsh sending the Niners a message from beyond? Is this message a sign of great change, or impending disaster? Are we all just atoms and molecules randomly caught in a universe where all is chaos and things just happen?

Or maybe it's just a sign that even the Earth is sick of this story, and is hoping everyone involved gets swallowed into it. Nice try Terra, but your enthusiasm is very well known to mankind.