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Jim Harbaugh To Face Brother John Harbaugh When The 49ers Play The Ravens In 2011 NFL Season

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When Jim Harbaugh was searching for opportunities at the next level, he made it clear his preference was to coach an NFC team (which he eventually was able to do with the San Francisco 49ers). Why is that? Well, his brother John Harbaugh coaches the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC. Jim being in the NFC would ensure that he'd only coach against his brother once every four years instead of competing against each other on a more frequent basis.


Well, whether he likes it or not, John and Jim will see their teams meet on the gridiron. Next year in fact. In Baltimore.


The San Francisco 49ers drew the third place NFC West schedule for the 2011 NFL season, but more importantly for the purposes of this article, the NFC West is slated to face the AFC North next season. Which means the Niners will face the Ravens. Who's ready for the Harbaugh Bowl?