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Jim Harbaugh: San Francisco 49ers Head Coaching Candidate

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With San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke installed, is the organization on track to hire Stanford Cardinal head coach Jim Harbaugh? Harbaugh has been the primary candidate since the beginning according to inside sources, and now it's looking like things are rolling toward their inexorable conclusion.

At the beginning, Baalke was apparently the guy because he was guaranteed to bring in Harbaugh. Then other sources indicated Baalke and Harbaugh weren't as close as originally reported, but Michael Lombardi would be able to bring Harbaugh in.

But now? Tim Kawakami is reporting from HIS source that Harbaugh would be ok with either Baalke or Lombardi, so 49ers owner Jed York went ahead and got his man. Sources are spazzy.

Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen report that Jed York and Harbaugh are meeting as we speak, and if Kawakami's source is reliable and things go well, Jim Harbaugh will be the 49ers coach tonight. The fun times never end in San Francisco.