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Report: Trent Baalke Named 49ers' GM; Jim Harbaugh To Follow?

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Numerous reports (Maiocco, David White among others) are now reporting that Trent Baalke has been named GM of the San Francisco 49ers. Reports over the last six days had him pegged as the favorite but Mike Lombardi reportedly gained some ground over the last few days. However, as expected, Baalke has been promoted from VP of Player Personnel to General Manager.

The question now is whether he can actually deliver Jim Harbaugh to the 49ers. While the team has stated they wanted to hire a GM and then have that GM work with Jed York to hire a coach, they’ve sort of put the cart before the horse as reports came out indicating Jim Harbaugh was the clear front-runner for the job.

The Stanford coach returned to Palo Alto from Miami tonight with his team after their domination of Virginia Tech last night. The 49ers are reportedly going to spend tomorrow interviewing candidates and apparently have a choice in the next 24-48 hours. Of course, if Harbaugh decides he doesn’t want the job, that coaching search could extend even further. For now, the common belief is that the 49ers will be conducting a single press conference in the next couple days to introduce their new coach and new GM. We’ll see if that ends being Jim Harbaugh alongside Trent Baalke.