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Report: Jed York, 49ers GM Search Down To Trent Baalke And Mike Lombardi

After a week long search for a new general manager, the Jed York and the 49ers have reportedly narrowed down the choices for a new general manager to current VP of Player Personnel Trent Baalke and current NFL Network analyst and longtime NFL personnel man Mike Lombardi.

The continuing thought is that Baalke is the guy who will get the job, but Lombardi has gained quite a bit of momentum in the last 48 hours. The primary question has appeared to be who could deliver Jim Harbaugh into the waiting arms of the 49ers. Both Lombardi and Baalke have links to Jim Harbaugh and would seem to have some pull in getting him to Santa Clara. Lombardi worked with him in Oakland while Baalke has had some contacts with him in the Bay Area in scouting visits, among other things. Tim Kawakami tweeted that an NFL source indicated Harbaugh would be fine with either in the GM role, so take that for what it’s worth.

Whatever the case, it seems like this drama is entering the final act and we’ll soon have a better idea of what’s going. Kawakami added that Jim Harbaugh is expected back in the Bay Area today and will likely meet with Jed York and a new GM tomorrow or shortly after. As they say in horse racing, “And DOWN the stretch they come!”