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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Raiders' Defensive Needs Highlighted In Victory Over Chiefs'

The Raiders defensive line was one of, if not the, strength of the team. The defensive line also had one of its most dominant games on Sunday. Even Desmond Bryant and Jarvis Moss picked up sacks from the DE position. That fact, while supremely awesome, highlights a need for the Raiders DE depth.

Trevor Scott suffered a fairly serious knee injury. It would be unwise to count on him next season. LaMarr Houston got more snaps at DT as the season went on and if Richard Seymour and/or John Henderson he will get even more snaps next year. Any way you cut it, the Raiders could use DE depth. The only thing that will change there, is how many snaps they will be looking for out of a new DE. Here are a few guys that they could look to be rotation players or starters next year.

Cameron Jordan, California: With a solid combine, Jordan will not be available when the Raiders make their first selection. If he is he would I am sure the Raiders will give him consideration. He has great size and he has been an end in the 3-4 scheme. This would be another pick in the LaMarr Houston mode. An end that can be stout on the edge in the run game, get into the opposition’s backfield and possibly spend some time as a DT.

Pierre Allen, Nebraska: Allen has been a very productive and consistent end for Nebraska. At 6’5, he has the height to get in a QBs passing lanes, but he is a little light at 265. He lacks the quickness and strength to be a high round pick, but he could be a good 4th or 5th round rotation type pick-up.