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49ers Request To Interview Hue Jackson, Perry Fewell

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Last night, the Orange Bowl took place, and after Jim Harbaugh's Stanford Cardinal dispatched Virginia Tech, he pulled off a highlight reel stiff-arm on the media. At that point, Mr. Harbaugh was fair game. Now, signs may be pointing to the San Francisco setting him in their sights officially.

Harbaugh is available and suddenly no longer linked to Michigan, and now the 49ers have requested interviews with two minority candidates, which sounds an awful lot like Rooney Rule fulfillment to me. It helps that these two are legitimate candidates, but these are better for the rule, because hey - they may surprise you. The thought is that the 49ers know who they want and they probably want to get these interviews out of the way quickly.

All signs point to that man being Harbaugh, unless they have some information regarding Jeff Fisher, the team's reported number two option for their head coaching position. The question remains though: why are the 49ers interviewing head coaching candidates without a general manager? Is it Trent Baalke, or is it Michael Lombardi? Is one of the two in place, or is it Jed York stretching the truth again? 

It's probably possible both pieces of the puzzle will fall into place at the same time.