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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Prince Amukamara Remains The Pick

SB Nation released its latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft and for the second straight week Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara remains the 49ers' pick. Amukamara remains second on Scouts Inc’s cornerback rankings. At this point it appears the only significant change for Amukamara’s draft positioning would seem to be if he can move past Patrick Peterson into the number one cornerback slot. The Combine could be the difference-maker, although Peterson has a lot of momentum in his favor.

The Boston Celtics drafted Larry Bird as a draft-eligible junior, signing him a year later. Does anyone doubt that Jim Harbaugh wishes he could do the same with Andrew Luck? With no QB a lock here, the Niners would do well to add Amukamara to help replace the fading Nate Clements.

The 49ers have a need at cornerback as their pass coverage suffered quite a bit last season. Some would argue adding a pass rushing outside linebacker could also improve the 49ers coverage since it would give the QB less time to cycle through his options. Von Miller would appear to be that pass rusher but his stock is sky high right now. This mock has him going fifth to the Arizona Cardinals and it seems that barring a disaster at the Combine or his Pro Day, or a failed drug test, he won’t be dropping to the 49ers.