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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Raiders Chat With Kendric Burney at Senior Bowl

2011 NFL Mock Draft action got its final game action shakeup at the Senior Bowl on Saturday. The Senior Bowl is about way more than the game, it is about the whole week leading up to the game. The Raiders used the week of the Senior Bowl to get to know Kendric Burney, and they brought him in for an interview.

Burney is one of the many talented North Carolina defensive players that spent time serving a suspension in 2010. He is a small 5-9 cornerback, but he has great, quickness, ball skills and solid leaping ability. Despite not being thrown at often, Burney collected 11 picks in his college career.

He spent his Senior Bowl week turning some heads. This is from SB Nation's own Mocking the Draft:

Kendric Burney continued his amazing week of Senior Bowl practices on Thursday, picking off a pair of Ricky Stanzi passes and nearly intercepting Colin Kaepernick. Burney has looked great all week and he took it to another level today.

Burney is probably not going to last past the third round. I would not be thrilled with this pick in the second, but I would love it in the third. With both Asomugha's and Routt's contracts up, the Raiders are likely going to need some corner help. Burney has the looks of a very solid No. 2 corner.