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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Raiders Speak With Joe Lefeged at Senior Bowl

2011 NFL Mock Draft action got its final game action shakeup at the Senior Bowl on Saturday. The Senior Bowl is about way more than the game, it is about the whole week leading up to the game. The Raiders used the week of the Senior Bowl to get to know Joe Lefeged and they brought him in for an interview.

Lefeged is a strong safety from Rutgers. He doesn't have any eye-popping attributes or size, but he has been a play-maker with a nose for the ball. Most NFL mock drafts have him going between rounds 4 to 6. Reportedly, Lefeged did little to improve that stock at the Senior Bowl.

I am glad the Raiders are looking at safeties. They need some play-making potential. Lefeged isn't a guy that could come in right away and make in impact on defense, but he has made some huge plays in his career and a lot of those came on special teams, too. In the meantime, he has the ball skills that could possibly allow him to mature into a NFL free or strong safety. He would be interesting if he was around in the sixth.