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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Raiders Interview Roy Helu Jr. At Senior Bowl

2011 NFL Mock Draft action got its final game action shakeup at the Senior Bowl on Saturday. The Senior Bowl is about way more than the game, it is about the whole week leading up to the game. The Raiders used the week of the Senior Bowl to get to know Roy Helu Jr. and they brought him in for an interview.

Helu put up stellar numbers as Nebraska's running back, but he has really been flying under the radar on draft boards. At least, he was. Helu impressed scouts with his combination of size and speed at the Senior Bowl. He barely saw any action in the game with three yards on two carries, but he turned some heads in practice.

Depending on his 40-time at the combine, Helu is going to go somewhere between the third and fifth rounds. Helu has a solid all-around game and he would be an excellent fifth round pick no matter what happens. Unless the Raiders know they are going to lose Michael Bush, via free agency, I would not want them to draft a back in the third round. I don't care who the back is. They have bigger holes to fill.