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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Raiders Talk To Allen Bailey At Senior Bowl

2011 NFL Mock Draft action got its final game action shakeup at the Senior Bowl on Saturday. The Senior Bowl is about way more than the game, it is about the whole week leading up to the game. The Raiders used the week of the Senior Bowl to get to know Allen Bailey and they brought him in for an interview. 

Bailey was a defensive tackle and end at the University of Miami. He is slotted for an early second round pick in most NFL mock drafts. He is on the light side, at 6-3 and 278 pounds, for a NFL defensive tackle and a little big for an end. He has solid quickness and is a good athlete.

If the Raiders are seriously considering him for their first pick in the draft, I think you can waive goodbye to Richard Seymour. There is no other justification for going with a d-lineman that high in the draft. If that happens, I would expect they would move LaMarr Houson inside and put Bailey at Houston's right end spot.