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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Raiders' Offensive Needs Highlighted In Victory Over Chiefs

The Oakland Raiders wore the Kansas City Chiefs down and out on Sunday. That is a good thing, because the offense was having a hard time finding a rhythm. While they were able to consistently get positive yards in the run game, they were not as effective in the pass game.

Jason Campbell simply did not have the time a QB needs to be effective. The majority of the Chiefs’ pressure came from the outside at the expense of the Raiders tackles. This is not a new problem for the Raiders. Their tackles have struggled all year in pass protection. So much so, that the Raiders often utilize T Khalif Barnes as TE to beef up the pass protection.

Combine this with the fact that both Barnes, Langston Walker and Mario Henderson have expiring contracts and it is pretty clear the Raiders will be looking to add some help at tackle. My guess is they will do so via free agency and the draft. Here are some Tackles the Raiders may have their eyes on in the draft.

Joseph Barksdale, LSU: If the Barksdale falls to the Raiders in the second round they will be doing jumping jacks. He is currently projected as a second rounder with the possibility of moving up into the first with an impressive combine. He comes in at 6-5, 315 lbs. and he has solid fundamentals. His pass protection is considered to be ahead of his run blocking at this point, but he has the tools to excel at both. He also has the size and footwork to play either RT or LT.

Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin: Carimi’s stock has fallen as this year went on. He was largely considered to be one of the top Tackle prospects in the draft. at 6-8, 320 lbs., he is now widely considered to be a RT only prospect. There is the possibility that he would be available for the Raiders in the 2nd round. While he would likely struggle early on in pass protection, he has the potential to be an outstanding all-around RT in the NFL.

Derek Newton, Arkansas St.: Newton is projected as a 4th or 5th rounder at this point. He checks in at 6-6, 305 lbs. and has the physical tools to be a starter in the NFL. His lack of fundamentals and skill with his hands in going to cause him to slip. He is the kind of tackle that could be coached up into a productive starter by Tom Cable. If Cable is still around.