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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Is Von Miller On The 49ers Radar?

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2011 NFL mock drafts that I have seen do not have Von Miller going as high as the 49ers' seventh pick -- but he is close. With a solid Senior Bowl outing it is not out of the realm of possibility that the OLB/DE could move into the 49ers projections. The 49ers could certainly use his pass rush skills.

Miller has shown displayed a real talent for getting to the quarterback. Miller has great speed coming off of the edge. Miller racked up 28 sacks in his final two seasons of college football. And he did that despite being slowed by injury at the start of his Senior season. Miller did not get a sack until the fifth game of his senior season. He ended the season with a 11.

Miller has decent coverage skills and footwork. He has shown solid instincts in the running game. If Miller can get a couple of sacks in the Senior Bowl, especially if he demonstrates something other than a speed rush, he could easily slide up into the projections for the seventh pick.