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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Will Jake Locker Senior Bowl His Way To 49ers?

2011 NFL Mock Drafts are getting ready for their final in-game performance shake up as the Senior Bowl approaches. The Senior Bowl marks a golden opportunity for Washington QB Jake Locker to improve his slipping draft status. The 49ers would currently be reaching for Locker at seven, but it is certainly not out of the realm of possibility that Locker could play his way back into the QB-needy 49ers draft territory.

Scouts question Locker in pocket accuracy. It is worth mentioning that he never enjoyed playing with elite wide receivers while at Washington. It will be worth watching if the upgrade in receivers helps his confidence and accuracy. 

If Locker completes a high percentage of passes in the Senior Bowl, I fully expect him to bounce back into the top 10 of the NFL Draft. The combine was made for athletes like Locker. He has good size and speed. He features very solid mechanics and a strong arm.

Most importantly, especially for a QB, teams are going to be blown away by his interviews. Locker is a natural leader and you are not going to find a single bad word about his character. Jim Harbaugh, from their Pac-10 days, knows Locker better than any coach in the NFL. I am sure he already knows if he'd consider drafting Locker or not. The Senior Bowl is not likely to affect him. However, for all of us Mock Draft junkies it will.