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2011 NFL Mock Draft: 49ers Targeting Marvin Austin After Shrine Game?

2011 NFL Mock Drafts showed that people were really unsure about the draft stock of former North Carolina Defensive Tackle, Marvin Austin. As we've discussed in this stream, the 49ers are in need of some defensive help and Marvin Austin may be able to provide them some late round value. Austin was suspended and then kicked off of the Tar Heels for potential NCAA rules violations. He did not play a single game in the 2010 season.

So, as I am sure you can imagine, scouts were anxious to see what kind of shape Austin was in for the East-West Shrine Game. Austin did not let scouts down. He was in shape and looked to be in mid-season form as he was wreaking havoc on the interior line. Austin made sure everyone took notice when he recovered a late game fumble for a touchdown to help the East to a 25-8 victory.

Austin knew all eyes would be on his and he had this to say after the game:

I sat the whole season out. Everybody knows it. People thought I was going to feel sorry for myself. … A lot of people talk about my talent. They don’t see the work I put in to try to be the best. They [the NFL] say they just want me to be confident and keep playing hard.

If the 49ers are looking at Austin to help on their interior line, they are likely now going to have to do it a few rounds higher. He is a sample of what scouts have to say about Austin after the Shrine Game. Tony Pauline from

[He] started off dominant and was unstoppable. Beat opponents with power, quickness and speed. They resorted to double teaming and holding him in scrimmage. Did wear down a bit late but definitely on the rise.