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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Prince Amukamara To Fill 49ers CB Need?

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SB Nation released their latest mock draft and they have the 49ers selecting Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara. As they put it, "Jim Harbaugh needs a quarterback. No debate there. There is debate, however, that he’ll like any of the available QB prospects this year. Amukamara fills the team’s biggest secondary need with elite talent and top-notch intangibles. He’s a Harbaugh guy."

In the SB Nation mock draft two weeks ago they had the 49ers selecting Auburn QB Cam Newton. At the time we were a bit hesitant about this pick and now SB Nation has joined in on whether Cam Newton is the right pick for Jim Harbaugh’s offense. The next few months will help clarify the issue, but I really don’t see Cam Newton coming to the 49ers at this point. He just seems to lack some of the skills a West Coast Offense QB needs.

As for Amukamara, Scouts Inc. ranks him as the No. 2 cornerback behind Patrick Peterson with it being rather close (Peterson given a 97 rating, Amukamara given a 96 rating). In their CB-specific traits they grade him out as exceptional or above average in the four major categories. He is graded as exceptional in instincts/recognition and ball skills. He is graded as above average in cover skills and run support.