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Carson Palmer, San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Target?

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Carson Palmer has had a few rough years as quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals. After Kimo von Oelhoffen injured him in the 2006 NFL Playoffs, he's never been the same. Palmer's passer rating has been dropping year after year after year, dipping from 101.1 in 2005 to 82.7 in 2010. And it seems Palmer knows it's time to move on; Cincy Jungle discusses the Chris Mortensen report that Palmer is ready to go, frustrated by the inconsistency of his team.

What would make this report interesting to San Francisco 49ers fans is the little tidbit that Mortensen mentioned about where Palmer could probably to be traded to. NFC West teams should take notice, as he has connections to three of the teams in the conference.

  • He would be interested in moving to the Seattle Seahawks and reuniting with Pete Carroll, who Palmer won a Heisman Trophy with as USC Trojans quarterback.
  • He would also be interested in the Arizona Cardinals, where he has connections with head coach Pete Carroll but Mortensen gives no reasons why other than the assumption that they need a QB.

  • And he would be interested in the San Francisco 49ers, because his wife grew up in the Bay Area.

The big question is would Jim Harbaugh be interested in him? Palmer is still a competent quarterback, and he'd be downgrading from the competitive AFC North to the moribund NFC West. While he's not going to be a top ten guy ever again, he would at least be an improvement over anyone on the current Niners quarterbacking staff and would be perfect for the pro-style attack the Niners head coach is fond of. It remains to be seen if San Francisco has the pieces available to trade for him.