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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Patrick Peterson, Prince Amukamara and The 49ers Chances of Landing an Elite Corner

With the college football season over, 2011 NFL Mock Drafts are beginning to resemble  a final product. As James Brady pointed out in this thread after the 49ers debacle against the San Diego Chargers, the 49ers are in need of an elite corner. The first two corners names that pop up in this year are almost universally Patrick Peterson and Prince Amukamara. So, now that players draft positioning is beginning to grow roots, let's take a look at the 49ers chances of landing one of these seemingly elite talents.

Patrick Peterson: The short answer here is, the 49ers do not have a chance in hell of drafting Peterson. They'd have to either trade up or Peterson would have to rape his grandmother and show up at the combine looking like Jerry Garcia to not be gone by the time the Niners draft.

In the mocks I have looked over that have been done since the end of the season, Peterson has not lasted beyond the fifth pick. The majority of them have him going to the Broncos with the second pick. It's probably best for the 49ers to forget about Peterson.

Prince Amukamara: Amukamara is another story. Amukamara is going off of most mock drafts between picks 7-12. I have not seen him go higher than the 49ers pick. Amukamara does not rank very far behind Peterson.  They are almost the exact same size, both 6'1. 200-plus pounds. Peterson has a faster top speed, but Amukamara has displayed better tackling skills. In short, the 49ers would not be reaching by taking Amukamara at seven. 

*Note/Disclaimer: Amukamara could jump Peterson on draft boards if he posts a better 40 time at the combine. However, this is not expected.