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NFL Draft Order 2011: 49ers Unofficially Seal Seventh Pick

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The NFL has not released an official draft order, but Eric Branch has indicated the 49ers locked up the 7th pick of the 2011 NFL Draft after their victory over the Arizona Cardinals. Although they lost, the Cardinals look to remain at the fifth pick as all the teams ahead of them lost. Carolina will select first, with Denver, Cincinnati, and Buffalo picking behind them.

Seattle is currently battling St. Louis for the NFC West division title, but even if Seattle loses, the strength of schedule tie-breaker would go in their favor. What’s interesting though is that if Seattle loses, they’d draft worse than the 49ers, but the 49ers would appear to finish second for scheduling purposes. I could be wrong on that, but the second tiebreaker for division standings after head-to-head is division record. Seattle losing would drop them to 3-3 while the 49ers would be 4-2. If that is the case, the 49ers would face the second place team in the NFC North and South, instead of the third place team. Given all that, I think it’s safe to say, LET’S GO SEATTLE!