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Tarell Brown Interception Seals The Deal With Four To Go

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The Cardinals get called on yet another penalty, an offsides call on the nose tackle. The 49ers get a first down on their own nine-yard line. Anthony Dixon gets the carry and gets nothing out of it. Smith bakc to pass and he's going deep left to Vernon Davis, but it's incomplete and slightly off-target. On third down, it's another deep pass, this one to Michael Crabtree, but it's overthrown as well.

Bartel gets things going for the Cardinals. Or, he had things going for the Cardinals, then they failed to convert a third down, and then a fourth down and the 49ers took over again. Michael Crabtree got a big reception, Anthony Dixon was stuffed at the line a few times, and then Crabtree makes another big catch, while being interfered and dropped on his head. First down 49ers.

Echoes of Mike Singletary still remain, as the 49ers are called for delay of game. Then, Alex Smith misses deep to Michael Crabtree yet again, really overthrown. The 49ers punt, and the Cardinals have the ball on their own 7-yard line.

A bunch of passes to Larry Fitzgerald followed, and some decent running from Arizona. And then, Tarrell Brown picks off Bartel and takes it back 62-yards for a touchdown. 49ers lead 38-7 after the extra point.